Our products are of supreme quality

We make woodchip only from hard wood with minimal content of dust. This is 100% pure hard wood woodchip.

Our products are diverse and custom-made

Our woodchip is versatile and can satisfy the needs of a variety of different clients. The granulation ranges from G30 for small stoves and furnaces all the way to G50, G80 or G100 for large power plants and their energy systems. In addition, we can produce completely custom-made woodchip in terms of granulation or the type of wood (e.g. we make lower-grade woodchip if such is a customer’s need).

We source whole trunks of firewood directly from the forest and deliver it to our customers. We can also source any other type of wood in any form, sawdust packaged in packs or as cubes or tree bark that has been either machine- or manually removed.

We have a top machine for wood chip production

Our Albach Diamant 2000 chipboard is a high-performance machine with the ability to chip various types of raw materials with a diameter of up to 100 cm. The machine has a chip capacity of up to 400 m³ of wood chips per hour.

As an accessory, it has a log splitter, which expands the possibility of chipboarding raw materials with a diameter greater than 1m.

We offer an all around service

Because we both produce and transport woodchip, we guarantee supreme quality and reliability.

We have a secure and reliable delivery

Our vehicles are new and in good shape. Our production and storage are located only 2 km from the motorway, which makes it easy to deliver the goods in all weather conditions. We keep enough woodchip in our storage to never run out but also to make sure the end product is dry and seasoned.

We promote ecological and sustainable forestry

In order to ensure sustainable biomass production, EU Member States have agreed on the criteria that operators must respect and document for the production of electricity and heat from biomass or biogas. Voluntary certification systems such as SURE are considered to be a legal method of documenting compliance with the criteria of Red II.

Hamar-promet has a valid SURE certificate that guarantees high quality, biodability and transparency.

We are proud to have earned the FSC® (Chain of Custody) certificate, which refers to the responsible management of forests and wood production. FSC® companies uphold to a high standard of social responsibility and nature protection. We also strive to educate customers about the long-term benefits of choosing ‘green’. FSC® products come at a higher price but are more people- and nature-friendly than those whose origin is unknown. Find out more abuot our certificated products.

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