History of Hamar-promet

In 1993 husband and wife Hasib and Dragica Kantarević founded a company for overland transport of cargo in pallets. There was a high demand for transporting biomass and woodchip so we bought movable-floor trailer trucks to diversify our offer. Soon, we learned that both production and transportation were essential parts of a good business approach. So in 2010, we began producing our own woodchip.

Over the years, we involved other household members in the daily business processes. Today Hamar-promet is a successful enterprise, guided by strong family values

Our goal is to be the leading woodchip producer in this part of Europe. We are also ecologically aware, committed to inform others about the advantages of using wood biomass as fuel energy. In this way we use our own and the Earth’s resources to achieve maximum result.

Hamar-promet values and vision

Hamar-promet is an agile family business which cultivates long-term personalized client relationships but is at the same time open to new markets and industry trends. Our head office is based in Velika Gorica from where we easily communicate with many international clients and customers. We have built our reputation through diverse products of premium quality and commitment to providing an all around reliable service.

From the outset we have focused on our clients’ needs as well as to upholding to top ecological standards. We believe that only responsible forestry results in wood products which in long-term offer optimal benefits to both our customers and global economy.

So ask about our FSC® products.


What we do

Our main scope of work includes production and transport of woodchip.

In order to produce woodchip, we source and dry raw wood biomass, using hard wood sawdust (oak, beech, hornbeam, ash), forest scraps as well as whole trunks of firewood.
We are equipped with top quality tools and machinery, such as a telescopic forklift truck or a moving-floor trailer truck for transporting. All our products are stored in our own 30,000 square meter storage facilities.
This ensures that our woodchip is always reliably and efficiently transported to the end destination.

Our additional activities include:

  • Sourcing sawdust and shavings from nearby saw mills in order to supply them to our own clients
  • Buying and selling whole trunks of various firewood (hard wood oak/beech up to 5 m long and 30 cm wide, soft wood and/or coniferous wood)  

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